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Chelsea Riverside Apartments : Ongoing, Regular Tenancy Cleaning

Chelsea Riverside Apartments : Ongoing, Regular Tenancy Cleaning

This is our favourite type of cleaning job; one that is ongoing, with regular visits. This kind of work is ideal, as once it is up and running and all the problems have been ironed out, it tends to progress smoothly compared to starting a new job on a new site. Access issues, once resolved, do not present a problem as the on-site security know the procedures and become familiar with the cleaning operatives. A quality standard is quickly established and continually met, clients and operatives are both aware of expectations so a level of quality is assured.

The site is not the average purpose-built block of flats. These properties are extreme high-end apartments, with river Thames views and in the heart of Chelsea. We are tasked with the regular cleaning of the show-flats and any end-of-tenancy/pre-tenancy cleans that need to be undertaken on a regular basis. There can be very little room for error as the properties are turned around incredibly quickly, so any chance to put right areas that might have been missed by operatives would be rare. These cleans need to be done correctly every time and on time, with a very specific standard and procedure for completing each apartment. Add in the additional requested tasks and unique aspects of each individual property and less experienced operatives would be struggling to get started, let alone keep up.

The most tricky part is getting started. Taking over a job from another company can be fairly problematical, the mistrust felt by the client can often transfer over to the new company, with an expectation that previously encountered problems will surface again. The entire situation must be carefully managed to ensure that the problems faced by the previous company are not repeated, and that the demands of the customer in terms of quality and delivery of service are met. The second most tricky part is maintaining that level of quality. It’s no secret that standards can easily slip if management becomes complacent. Cleaning Operatives need to be motivated and engaged with their tasks, in fact the most common complaints usually arise as a result of cleaners just ‘going through the motions’. Cleaning is a tedious task, and it takes people with a great eye for detail to perform the job properly. Certain tasks and areas can easily be forgotten and become consistently missed by operatives who aren’t giving the job their full attention. Management needs to make sure that their operatives adopt a methodical, driven and conscientious approach to ensure a satisfied customer. Operative experience and training are vital in making these efforts a success.

Although this site has become familiar to the operatives, there is often unexpected tasks that get requested by the client, and at short notice. We have to be ready for the client to request jet-washing, waste disposal, high-level window cleaning, carpet deep cleaning, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal, etc. This means that we always have to be prepared to react quickly and have the operatives/equipment available to undertake tasks that are a bit out of the ordinary. It is this level of dependability that ensures we continue to enjoy a productive relationship with our client, helping to avoid problems and difficult situations.

We now feel that we are at the stage where most issues that we will encounter have already been dealt with, the work runs smoothly and the operatives are much more productive as they are well practised in the tasks they must complete and their knowledge of the site itself has greatly improved. This has significantly enhanced our effectiveness in completing these works, and our client’s confidence in our abilities is at an all-time high, demonstrating our abilities in this project has also lead to a much-welcomed increase in the work load from the customer.

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