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Chelsea Townhouse : Last Minute Cleaning Success Story

Chelsea Townhouse : Last Minute Cleaning Success Story

A panicked phone call on a Friday afternoon isn’t out of the ordinary when it comes to commercial cleaning, especially in London. Cleaning is often one of the most over-looked aspects of any project, until that final moment when the Project Manager realises that their VIP client is about to walk through the door of a beautifully designed and crafted home that is covered top to bottom in builders’ dust and debris. In this case it was a fairly new customer of ours, who had most likely been let down by one of their more established service providers.

This was fairly typical: a Chelsea townhouse that had just been renovated and had been left in a less than acceptable state by the builders, with the client due to fly in to London on Monday expecting their new home to be at its palatial best. The only opportunity to get this project cleaned and up to presentation standard was on Saturday morning, so we had to react quickly on Friday afternoon to arrange the right personnel and supplies to carry out the works on the next day.

No one from the cleaning team had ever visited the property before, and there wasn’t time to make a proper site assessment in the short time frame that we had so we had to rely on the combined experience of the team to come to a fast conclusion on what we should expect to find on arrival. A browse through Google Earth and was a helping hand, although this is a far from ideal way of getting a good overview of a property. We have cleaned a massive amount of properties of this size and style, so experience provided the best insight.

There were the usual issues with any cleaning job, the neighbours needed to be pacified, for example. They were concerned that noise and other disruptions were going to continue as they had done while the builders were working. We made sure that the operatives were aware of these concerns and instructed them to undertake the noisier tasks such as vacuum cleaning and carpet cleaning with consideration to other residents. This meant a site-wide ban on noise until after 9am, which has a knock-on effect when it comes to planning the other tasks that we needed to have completed by the end of the day. This is where having a well-trained and motivated cleaning team really pays off, being able to trust operatives to use initiative always makes for a more streamlined operation.

Owing to the incredibly short window of time that we were given, there were some issues with returning keys to the managing agents. In fact, their office was closed by the time the operatives had finished the job! This did turn out to be a blessing in disguise as the keys were available in our office on Monday morning, facilitating a site visit by management. We only periodically check on the work of our operatives, in this case it seemed like a good idea to assess the work that had been done, mainly to assuage the concerns of management. The operatives had reported a total success in their informal service report, and the subsequent management assessment confirmed this.

Despite a few initial concerns and issues, the whole operation was an outstanding success. Transportation and logistics was probably the most awkward arrangement, and that was only because of the time constraints and the relatively large cleaning team. Having decades of combined experience available on the day also gave us the foresight to anticipate many of the problems that we faced, reducing unknown factors and ensuring a great finish.

The client was entirely satisfied with the completed works, and they have continued to offer us more and more work as a result of the performance on this job. It is always worth going the extra mile, even when others would probably have decided that the effort wasn’t worth the reward. We have secured a high-profile client that can trust us and is confident in our abilities, even when the odds are stacked against us.

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