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Local Day Nursery

Local Day Nursery

We received a phone call from a local nursery school, they explained that they had been having problems with the cleaning company that they were using and they were seeking out a fresh approach to the cleaning services that they employed. Schools of all sizes demand a high standard of hygiene as part of their duty of care to the children that they look after. The nursery management had become concerned that the appropriate level of cleanliness had not been being met and they were developing a growing concern that needed to be attended to.

At first, they were concerned that we might not be interested in taking on the cleaning of a smaller site, but we quickly explained that all the work which we undertake is valued equally and we are as attentive to our smaller jobs as we are to our larger ones. Every opportunity to prove our worth is important to us, and if we can make a good impression to one of London’s many small nurseries (or any of London’s small business for that matter) then our reputation grows and the demand for our services across the capital grows along with it.

Despite the smaller size, there are many stipulations that must be adhered to in the delivery of this cleaning contract. It would come as no surprise that very small children can create a lot of mess, especially when their ideas on hygiene and cleanliness are still in the developmental stage. This means that it is vital that specific areas of the property are cleaned according to a colour-coding system. This is a method that we have incorporated into our systems and staff training, designed to eliminate the risk of cross contamination between different areas. Our operatives wear uniform as part of our company policy, but this was demanded by the customer in this contract as part of an effort to help easily identify members of staff/visitors/etc.

It goes without saying that security is of paramount importance when it comes to schools and children. We ensure to undertake meticulous DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly CRB/Criminal Records Bureau) checks for all of our staff. We also make sure to train our staff on the importance of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, and what steps to take should a concern be raised. We also ensure that our staff are reliable and well-organised enough to be responsible with holding keys and checking that the sites they operate at are left secure.

Communication on this kind of project is a priority. There are many different factors that are liable to change at a moment’s notice, such as; the designation of an area being changed and used for another purpose; timetables can be altered without notice and the knock-on effects that might bring about; staff absence due to sickness; etc. These are just a few examples of events that could potentially cause problems if it wasn’t for effective communication between the customers, ourselves and our operatives. We understand that being contactable at all times and being able to reach our operatives and relay information to them proactively is essential in fulfilling our obligations to our contracts and customers.

With our proactive and systematic approach to cleaning, we have been very successful in delivering on the expectations of our customer. This contract has highlighted the fact that as well as providing a top-class cleaning service, in working alongside other industries such as childcare, it becomes a priority to also meet the expectations and obligations more often expected of the customer. This is how industry standards are created and built upon, and adopting standards and best practice help keep us at the cutting edge of the cleaning trade.

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